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Who is your person?

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2020

These are tough times. People are afraid of Covid, afraid maybe for their elderly parents or they might have an illness that puts them at a higher risk so fear is part of their lives. We worry about the finances, people lose their jobs or homes, or are worried that they might. All that puts huge stress on us and our brain.

What helps? People. We need people, friends, connections, feel part of ‘our tribe’. We are not build to face all this alone and we shouldn’t have to.

All it takes is one person. One person who listens, whom you can rely on, who is there for you and you feel gets you.

So reach out, strengthen your relationships. If you feel alone and isolated and you don’t have a person like that in your life go find ‘your’ kind of people.

For now, online. The world is your oysters. You can reach literally billions of people with a mouse click. There will be people that are looking for you to connect to. Trust me on that.


Check out,, FB groups with similar interests…go and connect. 


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