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How to detox

mindfulness Jan 05, 2021

How to DETOX 2021


Your physiology is the product of your lifestyle, what you eat, how much you move, what you think etc.

The state of your body & mind is largely the result of the past 3 months of your daily habits.

How was your lifestyle in October, November & December?


Did you eat good nourishing food, drink good quality water, move often, think positive thoughts, reduce exposure to environmental toxins?


Well, honestly, I could have done better. And lockdowns made things more difficult. I guess we were all in the same boat with that one. I turned more to comfort food, which for me still means = sugar, chose convenience over healthy options, the gym was closed so I did not work out so much and I had some pretty stressful things going on in the emotional department. So, no, my body is currently too heavy, a bit achy, lower in energy. I need to drop some pounds, thoughts, and upgrade my habits. I am aware I should do better because I know better. But I am not perfect and sometimes life gets too much for me as well. I am still learning to be kinder and compassionate to myself. Get back on it, drop the guilt, start over, do better.


Detoxing for me is mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.


Emotionally I am dropping the guilt & shame about not having done better, recognizing I am learning.


Physically there are several things you can do and it a lot of them are linked to fluids.


Good, clean fluids in = water. Toxins, crap, waste = out.


You poop it out (drinking more definitely helps if you are constipated), peeing it out, sweating it out.


Hence anything that makes you sweat is great.




Epsom Salt Baths.


Bentonite Clay Masks.


Sauna. This year I treated myself to an Infrared Sauna.


When the gym closed, so did the Sauna and I loved to go to the Sauna after a workout. I really missed it. Therefore, this year’s Christmas present was just that. And it is amazing. I use it as my ‘woman-cave’, ha ha, I sit in it, meditate in it, listen to audiobooks… even the kids use it, they read while sweating it out.


There you go, just some ideas…


Holding on to the wisdom and lessons learned of 2021 – and sweating out the crap, from deep within each cell.


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