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Emotional Self Regulation

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2020

Think greater than you are feeling!


I don’t quite know who said that but I think it is genius. We all have feelings. Some are wonderful and makes as feel amazing, other feelings we desperately try to avoid. And – if we never take control over our feelings – they control us. How our day goes, how we are with our loved ones (patient or impatient, compassionate or judgemental), if we help other people or contribute to their burden, if we are productive or think we achieve nothing,  largely depends on how we feel!

Therefor my question to you: how DO you feel? How do you feel most of the time, how do you feel throughout the day? And what is the outcome in your life of how you feel? Are feeling balance and patient and can act with kindness towards others leading to the result of good relationships? Are you feeling and processing your emotions or are you trying to avoid some of it or numb them with comfort food leading to not wanting to work out and ‘Kummerspeck’? 

That is why I think being aware of our feelings and managing them critical. How? Pause. Check in with your self. Take the temperature. Center yourself as you do that by feeling your feet on the ground, feeling the breath in your belly, pulling yourself up mentally and literally with your posture. Choose how you want to feel: balanced, calm, strong, loving, kind, confident…choose memories that allowed you to feel that way. A hug from a loved one. A compliment. An accomplishment. Start a memory bank with those experiences and positive emotions. Breathe deeply, linger with that memory. And then continue on with your day. It only takes minutes but it can define how the rest of your day goes for you – and those around you!


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