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Uncategorized Dec 19, 2020

We live in the body of a caveman. I think you heard that before. That is part of the motivation of the Paleo Diet, eat like our body was designed to eat and you will prevent or overcome many of the diseases that plague us in modern age like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You can also include dementia in that as more and more evidence point towards how our lifestyle makes us more prone to Alzheimer and other mental deterioration.


But did you know that your brain literally shrinks if you don’t move enough?

Because we still live in the body of the caveman that body expects you to cover a distance of 8-12 miles a day (12-20km) and if that is not the case your brain suffers from it.  The prefrontal cortex (the decision maker and most developed part of our brain) and the hippocampus (the learning center) shrink first. That is bad news for us.


The good news? The power to change that is in your hands – or feet 

Maybe aim for getting your 10.000 steps in a day. That is almost 5 miles. Find a friend to go for a walk. I even went so far to get a dog to help me make this one part of staying healthy more fun. What could be your way?


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