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How do you measure progress?

high performance Jan 03, 2021

How do you measure progress?


Many of us are starting over today. Set our goals. Ready, set, go….


But how did you set this goal?


Did you make a resolution of getting healthier?


What does that mean to you?


Losing weight? Make sure that number on the scale is going down?


And if it doesn’t, do YOU get down?


Let me offer some alternatives:


You could set progress goals rather than outcome goals. Often the outcome goal (number on the scale) is not within our control and there are many reasons why the number of lbs or kg on the scale is not budging but you are still making progress. You are just watching the wrong ‘game’.


Your goal could be eating 3 cups of leafy greens a day, 3 cups of sulfur-rich vegetables, and 3 cups of color a day. That will definitely help you to be healthier! Dr. Terry Wahls (tag!) would agree! She is living proof.


10 other ways to measure your health could be

  • Is your Blood pressure getting better
  • Are your losing inches/cm around your belly
  • Are your joints or your body less achy
  • Can you lift more
  • Do you feel more balanced and patient
  • Are you kinder to yourself
  • Is your Blood sugar level normalizing
  • Do you feel more energetic
  • Do you have less reflux or other digestive symptoms
  • Is your skin clearer
  • Do you sleep better
  • Are you having more fun in life?


Progress isn’t always the number on the scale!!!


Join me and improve your health in 100 days.


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