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Purpose, Passion, Power

happiness Dec 22, 2020

Purpose, Passion, Power



What are you about? What makes you YOU?


I am still working that out and I am not that far from half a century on this planet. It is not an easy question. But have you ever asked yourself that?


And the answer does not have to be earth shattering. To cure cancer. To stop climate change or human trafficking. All these causes are more than worthy obviously and if that is part of your mission in life – more power to you!


But many people feel they are not important enough to change the world. Forgetting that they can change THEIR world.


Your mission might be to be the best mum or dad, to make sure you learn and grow, to be the best at your job, to do whatever it is you do YOUR way. And that means having the energy and drive to go after that. Once you know what drives you that will become your fuel to want to want to be your best and that includes making sure you get your sleep, optimal diet, movement, relaxation…all the things we discovered together over the past 11 days.


My mission is to become and be my best self which for me means my most healthy self. Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. To learn how that is possible, what works and to share that with the world.


What is yours?


Here is a story of someone who is on a mission of his own and how he uses that mission to give him the drive to workout and do what is hard - until it becomes easy.


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