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mindfulness Dec 21, 2020

Are you a busy person? My guess - of course you are.


I very rarely meet a person that says “yeah, well, I do this and that but not much really. I have plenty of time and can spend it the way I choose to. I make time to work out, connect with my loved ones, you know, live my kind of life….”. Honestly, I wish more people could say that.


The truth is most of us feel constantly in a rush, never enough time in the day, the to do list never empty or at least manageable…there is a lot I could say about that. But the point I want to make today is what is happening to your body and mind if you don’t make time to deliberately relax.


Our brain will always run wild with regrets about the past and worries about the future and keep us running around being busy all day. No time to relax. How does it do that? By creating lots of stress hormones, adrenaline for the short term, cortisol for the longer term. That will give us energy to keep up with our busy lives.


However, if we never press the pause button, what does not happen is recovery and healing. Replenishing our resources. Digestion. Making new, better cells.


If that is important to you at all, if your health is suffering, you feel exhausted or not well or even deal with some kind of chronic health issue, then here is what you can do.


Stop. Breathe. Take 10 min a day to truly relax. Find your way to unwind. And just to so you know – watching TV does not count because then you are handing your mind over to something outside of you, you zone out. This is about deliberate relaxation while connecting with yourself.

Gentle yoga, reading a book, listening to music, pet your dog or cat, hug your kid or partner, take a bath…the list goes on. Find something that works for you. Breathe, relax, recover.


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